VIPER Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Brushless Motor

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Custom wireless tattoo pen machine

1. Laser logo on tattoo pen MOQ 50pcs

2. We offer customized machine (color, shape), the MOQ is 300pcs

About our Factory

Established in 2009, our factory in China specialized in making and designing tattoo and PMU products, for our customers around the world. We have new products every month, we hope to work with your company.

We Are The Original Manufacturer In China. For Wholesale Prices, Customize Production Or Distributor Inquiries, Please contact us

Notice: Battery Product Transport Time : 15-20 Days

VIPER Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Brushless Motor

Compatible with Cheyenne, VIPER cartridges, and the major cartridges in the market.

Diameter: 32.5mm. Length: 121.5mm. LED Screen.
Stroke 4.2mm. 4 Voltages Preset.
Power start can be turned on or turned off.
High Capacity Battery. Works 5-7 hours.
Propulsion: Brushless Motor
Can use while charging.
PRM range: 8V-10000rpm. Working volt :4.5-11v Max. volt:12v.

Can purchase Back Up battery.

1 Year Warranty.

You can be the Distributor of VIPER® QUATAT® Tattoo Supplies, please contact us!

OEM accepted! We can customize the machine for you.

VIPER® and  QUATAT® are registered trademarks of LIMEM Tattoo Equipment Manufacturing.

Wireless Battery Rotary Pen Machine: Powerful, Versatile, and User-Friendly

This Wireless Battery Rotary Pen Machine combines top-notch features to deliver an exceptional tattooing experience. Here's a breakdown of its key strengths:

Powerful, Quiet, and Durable Brushless Motor: This machine utilizes a brushless motor, renowned for its ability to deliver consistent power while operating quietly and with minimal vibration. This translates to greater precision and control for the artist, and a more comfortable experience for the client.

Long-Lasting Performance with High Capacity Battery: The high capacity battery ensures you can tattoo for several hours on a single charge, eliminating the need for frequent breaks to recharge.

Versatile Control with 4 Voltage Presets: Having four voltage presets readily available allows you to effortlessly switch between different tattooing techniques. This provides optimal control for delicate lining, bold lines, and shading.

Universal Cartridge Compatibility: This machine boasts universal compatibility, working seamlessly with Cheyenne, VIPER cartridges, and most major cartridge needles available in the market. This eliminates the need to purchase specific cartridges for the machine, offering greater flexibility.

Multiple Color Options for Personalization: The pen comes in a range of colors, including black, green, and grey, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style and preferences.

4.2mm Stroke Length for Diverse Techniques: The 4.2mm stroke length is ideal for a variety of tattooing styles. It can handle everything from precise lines and crisp lettering to beautiful shading and color packing.

Informative LED Display: The LED screen keeps you informed about the battery level and voltage settings, allowing you to monitor your machine's performance and avoid any interruptions during your work.

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