VIPER Cartridge Needles

VIPER tattoo needle cartridges are the highest quality with best prices. They are universal needle cartridges and compatible with most tattoo rotary machines in market. VIPER tattoo needle cartridges has less tension than other brandings, that makes the machines runs smoother and more efficient. They are incredibly precise and smooth, it helps the artists to make quality solid lines and shadings. Specially designed tip allows the maximum ink absorption and efficient ink flow.

VIPER cartridges are medical silicone membrane sealed which makes it even safer to use in tattooing, the membrane stops inks backflow to tube or tattoo machines.

VIPER cartridge needles have more than 100 different configurations and they can cover all the artists’ needs. Different  styles: Standard liners, Turbo liners, Extra tight liners, Bugpin liners, Magnum shaders, Curved Magnum shaders, Bugpin magnums, Round shaders and Flat.