VIPER Samples Pack Membrane Tattoo Needle Cartridges

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Samples Pack.

1. Sample Pack 10 Pcs Mixed Sizes: 1007RLLTx2pcs, 1209RLLTx3pcs, 1211CMLTx3pcs, 1213CMMTx2pcs

2. Sample Pack 20 Pcs Mixed Sizes: 1007RLLTx5pcs, 1209RLLTx5pcs, 1211CMLTx5pcs, 1213CMMTx5pcs

QUATAT VIPER Precision Tattoo Needle Cartridges.

Viper Stability System. Membrane Sealed.

100% EO Gas sterilized.

Surgical steel and medical plastic made.

Compatible with most tattoo cartridge machines in market.

We Are The Original Manufacturer. For Wholesale Prices, Customize Production Or Distributor Inquiries, Please contact us.


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