PINK HEART VIPER PMU Long Taper Tattoo Needle Cartridges

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Custom Tattoo & PMU Needle Cartridges (MOQ 300 Boxes)

We offer customized printing on both boxes and blister paper for your tattoo and permanent makeup needle cartridges.

 About Our Factory

Established in 2009, our factory in China is dedicated to producing high-quality tattoo and permanent makeup needle cartridges. We strive to be a leader in the industry by collaborating with global companies and developing innovative products that help them excel.

We Are The Original Manufacturer. For Wholesale Prices, Customize Production Or Distributor Inquiries, Please contact us.


QUATAT VIPER Precision PMU SMP Needle Cartridges.

Viper Stability System. Membrane Sealed.

#08, 0.25mm

#10, 0.30mm

#12, 0.35mm

#14, 0.40mm

RL-Round Liner

RLT-Super Tight Liner

RS-Round Shader


CF-Curved Flat

XT-Extra Long Taper

LT-Long Taper

MT-Medium Taper

ST-Short Taper

100% EO Gas sterilized.

Surgical steel and medical plastic made.

Packed by 20Pcs.

Compatible with most tattoo cartridge machines in market.


Elevate Your Permanent Makeup with Pink Heart Cartridges

Experience the difference Pink Heart Permanent Makeup Cartridges can make in your business. Our innovative design delivers exceptional results for both you and your clients.

Enhanced Pigment Retention: The integrated safety membrane reduces pressure on PMU pens, allowing for smoother pigment flow and maximizing ink deposit with fewer passes. This means less discomfort for clients and richer, more vibrant permanent makeup results.

Advanced Backflow Prevention: Our unique membrane design prevents ink from flowing back into the machine, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety throughout the entire procedure.

Precision Control & Sharp Results: Crafted from premium surgical steel, these needles offer unparalleled sharpness with minimal vibration. This translates to greater control for you, resulting in incredibly precise lines and flawless pigment strokes for your clients.

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