VIPER Fingler ledge Tattoo Cartridge Needles

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VIPER Fingler ledge Tattoo Cartridge Needles. 10pcs/box.

Viper Stability System. Membrane Sealed.

#08, 0.25mm

#10, 0.30mm

#12, 0.35mm

#14, 0.40mm

RL-Round Liner

RLT-Super Tight Liner

RS-Round Shader


CF-Curved Flat

XT-Extra Long Taper

LT-Long Taper

MT-Medium Taper

ST-Short Taper

100% EO Gas sterilized.

Surgical steel and medical plastic made.

Packed by 10Pcs.

Compatible with most tattoo cartridge machines in market.

Tattoo artists are increasingly turning to Soft Silicone Tattoo Cartridge Needles. These needles boast a comfortable silicone grip, making them ideal for extended tattoo sessions. The soft grip allows for better control and reduces hand fatigue. Additionally, some manufacturers tout the portability and ease of use of these cartridges.

Comfort: The soft silicone grip allows for a more comfortable hold, reducing hand fatigue during long tattoo sessions.
Control: The improved grip may enhance control over the needle, leading to more precise tattooing.
Convenience: Some cartridges might be designed for easy portability and use.

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